Designing a strategic idea of the Cluster: smart specialization

Chernihiv CCI hosted a strategic session “Designing a strategic idea of ​​the Cluster: smart specialization” for Chernihiv Light Industry Cluster!

Experts of Strategic Company together with members of Chernihiv Light Industry Cluster developed a unique value proposition of the Cluster, what strategic opportunities we have in understanding the directions of local and global trends, which can be a smart specialization based on the “Code of Chernihiv”.

With the help of business development and business strategy expert, kmbs professor Oksana Shchehelska, the participants conducted a thorough analysis of competitors, analysis of their strengths and weaknesses, identified their own competitive advantages and developed an action plan.

“Kyiv-Mohyla Business School provides the necessary knowledge base without which it is impossible to build an effective cluster,” – said the Cluster members.

The result of fruitful team work was the determination of the project, strategic goals, construction of the collaboration map of Chernihiv Light Industry Cluster.

We are sure that this is just the beginning, because ambitious goals give birth to a great result!

Keep going!

The strategy for Chernihiv Light Industry Cluster is being developed with the financial support of the Canada-Ukraine Trade and Investment Support project – CUTIS.

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